Demo Guidelines

When it comes to identifying specific information such as names of people, locations, organizations, job-titles, dates, measurements, etc., we can develop and/or help you in developing customised applications to identify such information in various domains and variety of unstructured sources such as online full-length articles, blogs, newswires, social media texts, reviews etc.

We invite you to give a try to our IE engine. The demo presented here is most suitable for news articles or similar domains. Here, you can enter upto 2000 characters of free text and see the system identifying various entities and other relevant information.

Watch out this page for more interesting demos.

Please provide some text for information extraction.
This online demo allows processing upto 2000 characters only.
Type or paste your text below and click 'Extract Information':
Max no of characters:2000 (preferred domain: News Articles) Try example text
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Watch out this page for more interesting demos.