Who We Are

We are a small team of technical experts in Analytics and Software Development. We are a company of values and no strict rules. We take enough holidays to keep our brain creative. We work while we work and have fun otherwise. We have a nordic style simple yet elegant design development office. We invest in ground-reality stuff that helps increase our productivity to the detail of having good ergonomic chairs for our team. The freedom, honesty, simplicity and respect have helped us establish a small but super efficient and super happy team. You are welcome to visit and meet us.

Our Values

Value system is at the core of our company. We never compromise on value system. Our core values are -transparency, honesty, ethical and respect for people.

Our Expertise

We focus on building cutting-edge expertise and technology in the following major areas:

  • Information Extraction (IE)
  • Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
  • Linked Open Data processing
  • Identity Resolution
  • Semantics Enabled Information Retrieval
  • Building Question Answering Systems
  • Text Alignment and Machine Translation
We are a team of industry leaders and innovators,
driving new user experiences that facilitate the
global exchange of information & products.